An Eclectic Elevated Gastropub

Done Right

Pork & Pickle embodies everything essential to true American comfort food. The experience starts and ends with the in-house meat smoker, placed front and center at each location so you can marvel at the sight of smoked meat being pulled straight from the source and enjoy the aromas of smoldering oak and hickory the moment you walk in.

Vast Selection of Beers

Sit down, relax, and peruse our extensive beer list; a list we take pride in. Choose from a vast offering of specialty beers from around the world as well as distinctive local brews. Ask about the perfect beer to pair with your meal!

beer on tap

Revel in a vast selection of smokey savory goodness from paprika smoked turkey breast to pulled pork sliders to hand-carved smoked beef brisket. Each location’s menu also draws inspiration from regional flavors like French influence in Montréal and unique proteins in Alaska. Can’t forget the essential old fashioned homemade pickle too!

Pork and Pickle Slid 

A Classic Gastropub

Walk into Pork & Pickle and immediately notice its classic rustic feel with a twist. The welcoming ambiance of the vintage brick and antique barn wood will make you feel like you’re at your local pub down the street. The wood you see is what’s being used in the kitchen to smoke your meat to perfection.

Pork & Pickle Locations